About our Kennel

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About our Kennel


In March 2007, a new puppy appeared in our kennel. It was a west highland white terrier Romantika (home name simply Roma). I bought her in a well known Moscow kennel «Bright Nose», breeder Elena Lapina.

This breed interested me since a long time, but white color and belonging of this breed to the terrier group kept me from purchasing a westie. But after a long hesitation, I made my decision. Now, I must choose a kennel, where to buy a puppy. I choose «Bright Nose», because its westies are of the same type and one can easily recognize them in the rings.

Romantika turned out and ideal dog. At her puppy age, she destroyed nothing at home. Happy, not quarreling with other members of her dog family, brave, faithful, it’s our beloved girl at home. Roma is especially funny when she plays football. She likes it and can run during hours pushing a ball by her nose and helping by feet. Hard hair prevents her from dirt. So, don’t be afraid that your westie will soon become grey. When she returns home after a walk, I only wash the coat on her belly and feet, as well as for other dogs – boxers and zwergschnauzers. On her upper side, she stays white because of her hard coat.

On June 16, 2008 Roma bore two daughters and they will open a new page in the «Kongrem» breeding…


Breeder: Klimanova Olga
Address: Russia, 109544 Moscow,
Novorogozhskaya street 22-78
Tel. +7 495 678 88 51 (speak Russian),
or +7 499 790 43 92 (speak English and French)
Е-mail: kongrem@mail.ru

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